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Artificial Intelligence is of the leading technology to be used in human medical treatments with complete problem solving ability. If you want to discuss the role of artificial intelligence in dentistry, what is your first thought? It may be what is artificial intelligence or AI and how it is capable for specific patterns by teaching the program to take actions that mimic human learning and problems- solve capabilities.

We at Burwood Diamond Dental, use AI mainly in two different fields – artificial neural networks (ANNs) and convolutional neural networks (CNNs). If you are looking for Burwood Dental specialists, who are specialised in AI techniques with the potentiality of advanced dental care in many ways. Then visit us at – https://burwooddiamonddental.com.au/ today!!

Why we use AI in dental care treatment and periodontal disease

Typically, dental care service includes services through a clinical examination of the teeth and the inspection of dental radiographs. While radiograph analysis offers initial tooth assessments, tooth morphology, margins, etc. Also, diagnostic capabilities can vary due to different dentist’s expertise levels. But if using AI techniques provides you a more efficient diagnostic process when used in any clinical assessment.

AI improves the quality in the dental care using different image detection, classification, and segmentations.

AI Can detect oral cancer without being touched

With regard to dental hygiene appointments, it is important to mention that neural networks are being used to analyze images of oral cancer lesions for early detection and diagnosis. Oral Cancer survival rates depend on early diagnosis, and it is imperative that the clinician perform an oral cancer screening as well.

The conclusion says the use of AI in dentistry can assist dental care providers with valuable information that can be used in real-time and increase clinician’s abilities. To book your appointment today, call us on (02) 9747 6835


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