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Bone needs to be stimulated on a regular basis to maintain its structure and density. The pressure applied on the root of a tooth when chewing usually stimulates the bone in the jaw the most. When a tooth is lost, the underlying bone is left without a stimulant and loses its shape and density over time. The surrounding bone, on the other hand, will preserve its strength and shape if the lost tooth is replaced with a dental implant. How can a dental implant stay in place? The explanation lies in the natural fusing process of the bones which is known as Osseointegration.

Grooves, like those found on a screw in a hardware shop, are used to make the dental implant Burwood. These grooves initially aid the implants’ integration into the bone, but this isn’t the key to their long-term stability. Dental implants are often made of titanium, a metal with which human bone forms a natural bond. Following installation, the remaining dental bone attaches to the titanium in the same way that it bonds to the root of a normal tooth. The term “Osseointegration” refers to the process of fusing the bones together. This natural process necessitates a healing time of 3-6 months with minimum stimulus to the healing implant. As a result, the dental implant integrates with the jawbone and performs similarly to a natural tooth.

There is no need to be concerned about dental implant failure as long as you maintain adequate cleanliness. Your implants are set to last a lifetime! Oral surgeons at Burwood are known for providing you with the best possible implant therapy so that you can keep your teeth for the rest of your life. After your 6-month healing period, you’ll be able to eat whatever you want without fear of implant complications. If you’re looking for affordable preventative and aesthetic dental care in Burwood, Burwood Diamond Dental is the cheap dental clinic. We specialise in dental implants Burwood and provide state-of-the-art dental care with the availability of emergency dentists in Burwood. We have an experienced team of Invisalign dentists on staff for orthodontic treatments.

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