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burwood diamond dental care

Our Philosophy

Patients are like family and always come first at Burwood Diamond Dental. Our goal is to maintain a high standard of dental care, practicing long-term patient relationships, where appointments are not rushed, and your visit is stress-free.

Combining the latest technology, with our direct approach to patients, we focus on providing reasonable options wherever possible where it benefits you, not to justify higher costs.

With our warm friendly staff, we’ve created an uncomplicated experience that allows us to focus on what matters most: you, your comfort, and your health

Highly Qualified Dentists

To be registered under AHPRA as a practitioner, registration standards are set out for applicants to ensure they meet those standards to be registered. Once applicants are registered, they are allowed to practice dentistry. Our dentists have gone through this process to ensure we are qualified to provide our patients with the best service.

Discover the benefits

At Burwood Diamond Dental, we ensure we provide the best professional services and experiences for our patients.

Affordable Dental Fees

Our Dental Payment Plans offer several options to provide our patients with affordable plans and fees.

Specialised Services

At Burwood Diamond Dental, we offer a range of specialized services by our experienced dentists for the entire family.

AHPRA registered

Our practitioners are AHPRA registered and experienced in practicing dentistry.

Ongoing Promotions

To show our dedication, we offer our senior, student, and new patients with ongoing promotions for their dental care.