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We are approved for the CDBS rebate for children’s dentistry.

When it comes to getting your children quality dental that won’t break the bank, the Child Dental Benefits Schedule is a lifesaver! At Burwood Diamond Dental, we often remind our clients how they can take advantage of this government scheme.

For parents with a number of children to look after, consider how a bulk-billing CDBS option could help. If you have considered whether this option is possible, just ask any one of our friendly staff to know more.


Bulk Billing Kids Dental Services

As bulk billing can help alleviate some of your financial stresses, it’s wise to learn about how bulk billing within a $1,013 CDBS limit can be beneficial. There are a number of different dental services for children that can amount to considerable sums. Especially if your child requires ongoing dental treatment such as orthodontics, bulk billing on CDBS can be prudent to consider.

Payment options will cover a comprehensive range of dental services. There is no need to miss out on the opportunity to claim in bulk under CDBS for your children.