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Crowns and Bridges

Dental Crown

For your dental care, when the natural structure of a tooth has
been extensively damaged or compromised due to dental decay, damaged fillings,
root canals, or habitual clenching or grinding of the teeth, a dental filling
may not be adequate for its repair. In such cases, dental crowns, also commonly
referred to as caps, are recommended to effectively restore the natural
integrity, function, and appearance of the affected tooth.

Out of all the materials that are available today for a full
coverage restoration, metal-free crowns, also known as all ceramic crowns,
offer the most lifelike and biocompatible results. Strong and durable, ceramic
crowns are lighter in weight than dental crowns that incorporate a metal
substructure and are also kinder to the surrounding soft tissues. Furthermore,
ceramic crowns present no problems for individuals with sensitivities to
various metals. Since they are fabricated of the highest grade of dental
ceramics, ceramic crowns most closely approximate the natural translucency of
your own teeth.

Custom fabricated for the optimal health and aesthetic of a
patient’s smile, ceramic crowns can also be indicated for an array of dental
treatments, ranging from the cosmetic restoration of discolored teeth, to the
coverage of a structurally damaged tooth, dental implant, or as the supporting
ends of a dental bridge.

Dental Bridges

When teeth are missing, a series of changes that can impact your overall dental care, health and jaw function may begin to develop. The adjacent teeth may start to drift or tilt into the space, and teeth in the opposing jaw may start to shift toward the area of the missing tooth. It is therefore important to replace either the single tooth or multiple teeth that are missing from this area. One of the best options to prevent the consequences of shifting teeth and to restore full function to a small edentulous section in the mouth is a dental bridge.

A dental bridge replaces the missing teeth with artificial teeth called “pontics,” and is supported on the ends by prepared natural teeth. Once fabricated and fitted a dental bridge will be permanently “fixed,” or cemented into place. Like crowns, bridges can be made of either porcelain baked on to a metal substrate or many of the new ceramic materials that have been developed.